Am I a candidate for Pain Care management? 
Seek out a pain management specialist when pain does not respond to the usual and customary treatments within a reasonable period of time. All too often, people see pain management as a last resort for pain, instead of a first stop on the road to wellness. Be aware of your body and take note when you are in pain. If that pain persists — contact your doctor or an accredited pain management specialist immediately.

What is acute pain?
Acute pain is pain of a short, limited duration, usually the result of an injury, surgery or medical illness. Acute pain often goes away with the healing process.

What is chronic pain?
Chronic pain continues for longer periods of time, sometimes even long time after the healing of the original injury is expected to have occurred. Chronic pain is also associated with frustration, depression and anxiety.

What is interventional pain management?
Interventional pain management refers to a group of minimally invasive surgical procedures typically done as an outpatient to alleviate acute, chronic, or cancer- related pain conditions. Please click here to view our interventional treatment options.

What should I do after my procedure?
Click here for Post Proceedural Instructions

How much pain reduction can a person expect?
The amount of pain reduction is never certain at the beginning of treatment. Typically, a patient will receive 50% to 100% reduction in pain through pain management treatment. Unfortunately, chronic pain is like many other chronic illnesses in that frequently the treatment can only reduce the symptoms.

Do I need a referral from my primary physician?
In most cases, yes, you will need a referral from your primary care physician.

Will I need to bring results from previous examinations?
Our physicians will need to review any reports from other doctors, including X-ray, MRI or CT examinations. other tests that you may have had performed in the past relating to your pain problem. Please bring these results with you to your initial evaluation. If you need assistance in requesting previous examination reports, please contact our staff.

Is pain management covered by health insurance?
Most policies provide for pain management. Please contact our staff for more information. 

Do you accept my insurance?
Pain Care of Silicon Valley possesses a comprehensive list of health insurance providers. When you schedule your appointment, our staff will take your insurance information and verify coverage with your insurance provider. If you are unsure of your health coverage, do not hesitate to ask our staff.

What should I expect at my first appointment? 
Because diagnosing the cause or source of pain can be difficult, patients coming to Pain Care of Silicon Valley first receive an in-depth evaluation that investigates: 

  •  The location of the pain
  •  The character of the pain (sharp, throbbing, aching)
  •  The occurrence of the pain( evening, activity levels, positioning)

This information and a complete physical exam help the staff devise an individualized course of therapy. Sometimes patients are asked to keep a pain journal, recording specific information whenever they experience pain. 

When will I receive my results?
Our staff will schedule you for a follow up appointment, at which time your physician will sit down with you and provide a detailed explanation of your diagnosis and treatment options in detail.

How long will my treatment take? 
Since pain is a complex and individual problem, the length and type of treatment varies from patient to patient. In some cases a simple procedure will help, while in others, a lifelong approach will be necessary. Your physician will explain your diagnosis and treatment options in detail.